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emPower your IT with AI
Managed Solutions for Risk & Compliance, Electronic Discovery, and Cybersecurity

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Let APPIC Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Fraud Detection & Complience

By identifying the areas of your business is most vulnerable, you can protect yourself from the unnecessary stress of dealing with fraudulent activity after they have already occurred. Protect your money before it has a chance to be lost.


For every business, security should one of the top priorities. Whether you're protecting employee emails, passwords, files, and equipment or customer information and backup data. Let APPIC find the best protection for you so you can check security off that list. 

Vertical Discovery & Data management

With a unique, end-to-end digital evidence lifecycle platform that integrates directly with our industry leading data management softwares, you can save hours of your legal teams efforts and be confident that the most important information is reviewed in a safe place.

Talent Acquisitions & Management
Over 5 years of experience in staffing IT specialists and functional experts. Our passion in sourcing talent exceeds customer expectations.


  • Niche skillset search

  • Rapid onboarding with bespoke training

  • Project Accountability Sharing 

  • Durational workforce

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Specialized Services

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Contact us for a free consultation

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Managed IT Services

For many companies, streamlining tedious tasks with automated cloud technologies can be the difference maker in taking control of one's business. Reach out to APPIC Solutions for a free consultation to increase productivity and have more time for the important things in your business

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